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The following Endorsement(s) apply:

HDBrows™/bdb/Hi Brow/Defined Brows

It is warranted that a skin patch test is made at least 24 hours before applying an eyelash or eyebrow tint to the client for the first time. Should there be an allergic reaction to the patch test the Insurer will not be liable for any claim which may arise from eyelash or eyebrow tinting treatment given subsequent to such test.
It is warranted the same brand of product is used for the patch test and any subsequent treatment.
The Insurer shall not be liable for any claim by any client who has not taken a patch test.

It is further warranted that a temperature test is performed on the inner wrist of both the therapist and the client before applying wax to the area to be treated and the result noted on the client record card.

If it is the client's first visit to the salon or if the brand of wax is changed then a 24 hour patch test must be offered. If this is declined by the client then this must be noted on the client record card and the client's signature must be obtained.

It is further warranted that in respect of Short Wave Diathermy, Blend and Tweezers and Non-invasive methods that a disposable sterile needle must be used for each client treated and be disposed of immediately after use into specialised sharps containers. The Insurer will not be liable for any claims/circumstances which may arise out of improper disposal of such instruments.

Exclusion (xxiii) is amended in respect of the provision of beauty treatments to read any claim arising from or related to any beauty treatment on those aged under the age of 13 and excluding any claim arising from a beauty treatment of those aged 13-16 unless there is signed parental/guardian consent for the treatment in place before the treatment commences.

All other terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations in this policy remain unaltered.

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