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Acceptance Criteria
  • You  the insured or any director, partner or principle are not aware of any claims in the last years 5 that have been made against you  the insured, your  predecessors in business or any present or former partner, director, principle or therapist.
  • You the insured or any director, partner or principle are not aware of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim against you the insured, your predecessors in business or any present or former partner, director, principle or therapist.
  • You the insured, director, partner, principle or any of the therapists listed above, under current or previous trading titles, have not been convicted of any criminal offence, other than a motoring offence or have any prosecution pending.
  • An insurer has never cancelled, declined or refused to renew or only accepted on Special Terms, your liability insurance or that of any person listed to be included on your policy.
  • You the insured will maintain client’s records and retain them for at least 5 years. If you have not done this in the past or you are just starting in business, you confirm that you will do this.
  • None of the treatments you have requested cover for were obtained from distance learning or online courses.
  • I/We will not use micro needling needles with a depth of more than 1.5mm.
  • I/We will not use skin peels products with a PH value less than 2 or a % more than 40.
  • I/We will provide patch tests for all new clients.
  • I/We agree to advise the insurer of any additional training done within the insurance year.
  • I/We agree to advise the insurer of any changes to staff within the insurance year.
  • I/We agree that I will not work with individuals under the age of 16.
  • I/We declare that the statements and particulars in this application are true and that no material facts have been misstated, misrepresented or suppressed after enquiry.
  • I/We agree that this application, together with any other information supplied by me/us shall form the basis of any contract of insurance effected between the insurer and me/us.
  • I/We undertake to inform the insurer of any material alteration to those facts occurring before the completion of the contract of insurance.
  • I/We confirm that we understand and accept the Conditions stated below.
  • I/we understand and accept that cover will be provided in respect of those treatments for which I/we hold a current and appropriate qualification. Furthermore, it is also understood that in the event of a claim/loss or an incident being reported and prior to indemnity being provided, proof of such qualifications will be required. In the absence of satisfactory proof, we understand and accept that no indemnity will be provided to the salon or therapist in respect of the loss/claim or incident reported.

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Data Protection Here at BMIB Ltd we take your data protection seriously and will only use your data as set out in our privacy statement. However, from time to time we may wish to contact you in relation to the services we provide.

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Treatment Declarations

  • I/We understand that all therapists must hold an approved qualification to carry out the treatments for which cover has been requested.
  • Therapists are all fully qualified, not students.
  • Therapists do not hold qualifications from distance learning or online courses.
  • I/We understand cover for CPD qualifications will not be accepted as stand-alone qualification.
  • I/We understand that the name of the therapy therapists require cover for appears on their certificate of qualification.

For each therapist / advanced treatment, please upload a scan or photo of their certificate as evidence of an approved qualification ( alternatively you may email these to us quoting Application Number 2129).


Laser / IPL / LHE Information

The fields marked * must be completed. If you prefer, instead of uploading example files, you may email them to us instead, quoting Application Number 2129 .

Therapist Information

Salon Information

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